Music from Six Continents, 1993 Series


Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra of Bratislava; Szymon Kawalla, conductor
Soloists: Ladislav Strešnák, trumpet 1; Petr La Garde, trumpet 2

Vienna Modern Masters
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BRUCE HOBSON - Three: for Two Trumpets and Orchestra

The title Three refers to several aspects of this 1976 work for two trumpets and orchestra: woodwinds and brasses in threes, two trumpets plus orchestra, and the three movements. However, the principle reason for the title is to make a suggestive reference to the instrumentation of the baroque trio sonata: that is, a pair of voices of equal range and importance plus accompaniment. This work is composed with a free and full chromaticism that can best be understood as an extension of highly chromatic tonal music.


  • American Record Guide

    "The most substantial piece on the program is Bruce Hobson's Three, an 18 minute concerto for two trumpets and orchestra. This is a densely contrapuntal, chromatic, and dissonant piece of considerable integrity and expressiveness; it seems influenced by jazz in a far deeper way, avoiding obvious clichés but inspired by the rhythmic freedom and questioning intensity of the great jazz players."

    – Mark L. Lehman