Bruce Hobson: Two Isorhythms and other works


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Contents: Two Isorhythms, Octet, Contours, Three Portraits, Concerto for Three Groups
Ensemble: Various
Instrumentation: Various
Duration: 70:29
Label: Equinox Music
Years Recorded: 1987 to 1995
Years Composed: 1968 to 1992
Performers: Various
Conductors: Jacques-Louis Monod (Octet), Jose Maria Florencio (Concerto for Three Groups)
Review: "The pieces on [this] Equinox disc are tightly structured and fine sounding. Hobson has a very strong sense of the nature of chromatic harmony, and his 'extensions' of tonality really 'sound'. . . The performances on this disc are uniformly outstanding, with a special nod to Margaret Kampmeier, who puts forward Hobson's fine piano works with skill and expression." American Record Guide

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