Concerto for Orchestra

For large orchestra
4-4-5-3, 4-2-2-1, 2 perc, str
Equinox Music
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11 x 14 portrait
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BRUCE HOBSON - Concerto for Orchestra

The Concerto for Orchestra was completed in 1969 when I was concerned with the generation of large musical structures from the interval content of the opening material. In the first movement this is achieved through a modified sonata form. In the second and third movements there is a shift of emphasis from the horizontal melodic interval content to the vertical harmonic content. At the same time the driving, forward-moving counterpoint of the first movement is transformed into the static, coloristic harmony and frequent meter changes of the third movement. While the chromatic scale is an important resource in forming the melodic style of this work, the overtone series is the guiding principle in constructing its harmonies.

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  • Audio Download, Slovak Radio Orchestra of Bratislava, Szymon Kawalla, conductor
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Bruce Hobson: Concerto for Orchestra, Part I